Fundraiser Guidelines and How To – Updated August 26, 2020

  1. All fundraisers must be placed through our fundraiser coordinator, Amy
    (Available Sunday 6am-12pm, Tuesday thru Friday 8am to 4pm. Saturday 6am to 2pm. OFF Mondays).
  2. First, reserve your sale delivery date before beginning your sale by calling Amy or emailing. You can also fill out a fundraiser inquiry on our website
  3. Schedule a definite starting and ending date for your sale. We have found that the most successful fundraisers last two to three weeks.
  4. We will provide order sheets if requested.
  5. Publicize the sale! Have your members post on social media that they are selling products! It is amazing how many orders you will receive via Facebook/Instagram/Snap Chat. Create an event on Facebook for your sale. Place an ad in the local paper or even put on the sign at your school/church/organization location.
  6. All orders must be in TWO WEEKS before pickup – preferably via EMAIL. If your order is late, there is a chance your delivery date will be pushed back as well. You have up until 5 days before your sale delivery date for any add-ons to your order. After that we cannot accept any additional orders.
  7. When placing orders, we want the grand total sold, not what each individual person sold.
  8. We will gladly sort the orders by seller if we are provided the information five days prior to pickup
  9. All fundraisers must be paid by cash (5% discount on total order) or an organizational check upon pickup. No personal checks or credit/debit cards.
  10. Please make sure you bring an appropriate, large enough (and empty) vehicle(s) for pickup.
  11. All orders will be packed in boxes. Bread will be in large cardboard flats.
  12. Delivery is available within 20 miles for a $75 flat fee
  13. All Items that are refrigerated are to be kept refrigerated until delivery is made to consumer. If you are picking up at night and will not deliver product to the next morning, items must be stored properly. No refunds will be given for unproperly stored items. As people pick up their order, stress the importance of delivering to their customers the same day!
  14. If there are any other fundraisers you would be interested in that are not listed here, please contact Amy for pricing and availability.

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