Always schedule a sale date with us before you start selling. Call our fundraiser coordinator, Amy, at (570)739-2963 Option 4 or Contact Us as soon as possible to reserve the date that you want.

Your organization sets the prices on each item that you will be selling. We have a suggested retail price, but you are in control of your profit margin.

We have found that most successful fundraisers last two to three weeks, but you can run a sale for as long or as short a time as you want, just so that you have your order tallied and emailed in to us 14 days before your delivery date.

After your order is submitted, we will email you a copy of the invoice. Invoice is due the day of pickup/delivery, at the time of pickup/delivery. You are more than welcome to pay the invoice prior to pickup/delivery day if different team members will be handling the pickup/delivery. We accept cash (5% discount on total order) or organization check. NO PERSONAL CHECKS OR CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS.

If your organization does not reach its minimum order, you have two options. As long as your organization has an order of 75% of the purchase requirement, we will complete your order with a $25 fee. You can also choose to refund your customer's payment and cancel your fundraiser. We try to work with organizations closely to ensure that this does not happen, providing feedback on pricing, selling, and advertising.

Yes! We will, in fact we prefer to sort the orders and box them individually to ensure a smooth delivery process. Each box will be labeled with the seller's name and how many of each item they sold in the box. It is up to your seller to distribute and organize what they sold to individual customers.

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