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Fundraiser Guidelines and How To – Updated August 26, 2020

1. All fundraisers must be placed through our fundraiser coordinator, Amy
(Available Sunday 6am-12pm, Tuesday thru Friday 8am to 4pm. Saturday 6am to 2pm. OFF Mondays).

2. First, reserve your sale delivery date before beginning your sale by calling Amy or emailing. You can also fill out a fundraiser inquiry on our website

3. Schedule a definite starting and ending date for your sale. We have found that the most successful fundraisers last two to three weeks.

4. We will provide order sheets if requested.

5. Publicize the sale! Have your members post on social media that they are selling products! It is amazing how many orders you will receive via Facebook/Instagram/Snap Chat. Create an event on Facebook for your sale. Place an ad in the local paper or even put on the sign at your school/church/organization location.

6. All orders must be in TWO WEEKS before pickup – preferably via EMAIL. If your order is late, there is a chance your delivery date will be pushed back as well. You have up until 5 days before your sale delivery date for any add-ons to your order. After that we cannot accept any additional orders.

7. When placing orders, we want the grand total sold, not what each individual person sold.

8. We will gladly sort the orders by seller if we are provided the information five days prior to pickup

9. All fundraisers must be paid by cash or organizational check upon pickup
No personal checks or credit/debit cards.

10. Please make sure you bring an appropriate, large enough (and empty) vehicle(s) for pickup.

11. All orders will be packed in boxes. Bread will be in large cardboard flats.

12. Delivery is available within 20 miles for a $75 flat fee

13. All Items that are refrigerated are to be kept refrigerated until delivery is made to consumer. If you are picking up at night and will not deliver product to the next morning, items must be stored properly. No refunds will be given for unproperly stored items. As people pick up their order, stress the importance of delivering to their customers the same day!

14. If there are any other fundraisers you would be interested in that are not listed here, please contact Amy for pricing and availability.

1. Prepacked in one-pound containers
2. Minimum of 50 pounds
3. Cost is $8.50 per pound. Normally retails for $12-$14 per pound.
4. Flavors are limited to no more than 4 to 5 varieties per fundraiser.
5. Available flavors: vanilla, chocolate, peanut butter, chocolate peanut butter, vanilla walnut, chocolate walnut, pumpkin, and vanilla peanut butter.

1. Minimum of 30 pounds – prepacked in one-pound boxes.
2. Cost is $12.00 per pound with a recommended selling point between $15-$20 per pound.
3. This fundraiser is great for holidays Easter and Christmas and can be customized (eggs for Easter) according to the time of year in which the fundraiser is sold.
4. Best Sellers: Peanut Rolls, Peanut Butter Cups/Eggs, Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Butter Creams, Coconut Creams, Sea Salt Caramels, Vanilla Caramels.

1. (50) 2-pack minimum total
2. Cost is $2 per two-pack.
3. Recommended selling price of $3-$5 per pack

1. 25 trays minimum
2. All trays have an assortment of cookies (chocolate chunk, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, M&M, sugar, chocolate chip, peanut butter blossoms, snickerdoodles)
3. Trays by the dozen: 2 dozen – $13, 3 Dozen – $18, 4 Dozen – $25, 5 Dozen – $31.00, 6 Dozen – $40
4. Sell for whatever price you like, adjusting for the area in which you are selling.

1. 25 order minimum
2. There are 7 sticky buns/rolls per pan
3. Plain, nut, raisin, and nut and raisin available (Peach and Caramel Apple Seasonably), Plain cinnamon rolls with white icing.
4. Cost is $6.00 for plain, $7.50 walnut, $7.00 raisin, and $7.50 nut and raisin, $7.00 caramel apple, $7.00 Peach, $6.00 cinnamon rolls
5. Sell for whatever price you like (normal profit is $2 to $4 per pan), adjusting for the area in which you are selling

1. 25 Roll Minimum
2. Cost is $11 per roll.
3. Your profit is based on your selling point. We recommend at least $14 to $15 selling price per roll.

1. Cost is $1.75 – price point is between $2.00-$3.00
2. Minimum of 100 lollipops

1. 25 packs minimum order
2. Cost is $6.50 for a two pack.
3. We recommend a selling point between $8-10.

1. Organization takes orders and delivers to customers or selling redeemable tickets.
2. Cost is $4.00 each.
3. We recommend a selling point of $5 per sub.
4. Small subs only. Available: Regular, Italian, Turkey, Ham, Roast Beef.
5. We will make the redeemable tickets. Two weeks minimum advance notice needed to get the tickets printed before the start of selling date. Tickets must be redeemed in 60 days. $100 deposit required upon the start of selling per 100 tickets. Balance due the last day of ticket redemption.
6. 25 Sub Minimum
7. For taking orders – one week’s notice must be given to ensure availability

Caramel Apples
1. Cost is
• $3.50 Caramel
• $4.00 Caramel Peanut
• $4.00 Caramel Sprinkle
• $4.00 Caramel and Chocolate
• $5.00 Caramel and M&Ms
• $4.50 Caramel, Peanuts and Chocolate
2. We recommend a selling point of $5-7 per apple.
3. This is a great fundraiser for September-November.
4. We only book one caramel apple fundraiser per delivery week. Weeks book up very quickly so please book early to ensure availability.
5. 25 Apple Minimum Order
6. Each apple will come individually wrapped in a plastic container, and then in a cellophane bag with a twist tie or bow.


1. 25 pie minimum (not per flavor – total number)
2. Recommend a selling price point of $3-$5 above wholesale cost
3. All pies are 9” Deep Dish
4. Pricing:
a. Tier 1 $9:
• Cherry Custard
• Coconut Custard
• Peach Custard
• Pumpkin Custard
• Lemon Meringue
• Apple Crumb (made with Pie Filling)
• Wet Bottom Shoofly
• Lemon Sponge
b. Tier 2 $10:
• Pumpkin Cream Cheese
• Coconut Cream
• Cherry Crumb
• Peach Crumb
• Strawberry Crumb
• Fresh Apple Crumb
c. Tier 3 $11:
• Pecan Pie
• Caramel Apple
• Blueberry Crumb


1. 25 cake minimum (not per flavor – total number)
2. Recommend a selling price point of $5 above wholesale cost
3. All decorated with just a border – no sprinkles or writing
4. Three sizes available
a. 6” single layer – $5.00
b. 9” single layer – $10.00
c. 9” double layer – $20.00
5. Available Flavors:
a. Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Icing
b. Chocolate Cake with Butter Cream Icing
c. Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Butter Cream Icing
d. Yellow Cake with Butter Cream Icing
e. Yellow Cake with Chocolate Butter Cream Icing
f. Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Icing
g. Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing
h. Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Icing
i. Coconut Cake with Butter Cream Icing
j. Marble Cake with Butter Cream Icing

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