Bakery FAQ

      1.  How do I place an order with the bakery department?
        • Give us a call! The bakery department works 6 days per week. Monday thru Friday 6am to 3pm and Saturdays 6am to 12pm. 570-739-2963 Option 2. If you are calling outside of those hours, they will return your call the next business day.
        • Order Online! We have a wide variety of cakes, pies, and breads to choose from on our website.
        • Email the bakery department: [email protected] (general inquiries) or direct to our bakery manager Jann and lead decorator –  [email protected]
        • Stop by the store during regular bakery department hours,  Monday thru Friday 6am to 3pm and Saturdays 6am to 12pm, to place an order with a bakery department member. The store is open Sundays 6am to 8pm, Monday thru Saturday 5:30am to 9pm. We do not have a bakery department member on staff the entire time we are open but our cashiers will do their best to assist you during the hours when the bakery department is not working. If you have a custom cake order, it is best to order through the bakery department directly during their business hours. 
      2.  I am not sure what I am looking for yet in design or I am interested in a price quote, what do I do?
        • You can fill out an online cake inquiry and we will return a call or email the next business day.
      3. How far in advance do I need to place my order?
        • The sooner the better! There is no simple answer for this question, it depends on the type of cake you are interested in and the availability of the date and ingredients. For most custom orders we require a minimum of 72-48 hours notice. For tier or wedding cakes a minimum of 30 days notice is required. There is no such thing as ordering “too early!”
      4. Do you accommodate last minute orders?
        • To avoid a rush fee, custom cake orders must be placed 48 hours or more in advance. Any cake orders for Saturday or Sunday pickup must be placed by Thursday at 12pm. The sooner the better! We are happy to accommodate last minute orders if our schedule allows. We have numerous ready made options available in our case and freezer section. If we can personalize that with basic writing we will be more than happy to do that for you on short notice with no fee. Any customized cake orders received less than 48 hours prior to pickup are subject to a rush fee of $10.00. So if there is something we have in the case or freezer, that you would be interested in, we can personalize it with basic writing for no charge. For any other orders there will be a $10 rush charge in addition to the cake price.
      5. Do you ship?
        • We currently are not set up to ship through our website, it is pickup only. If you are interested in having chocolates shipped, we only ship in cold weather between October and March. You can email us [email protected] for more information. We do not ship baked goods.
      6. Do you require a deposit on custom cakes?
        • Yes we do require a deposit of 50% down payment to secure the order and balance due 10 days prior to pickup for any order of $100 or more.
      7. Do you make gluten free, vegan, peanut free, or sugar free cakes or desserts?
        • We have made sugar free and gluten free desserts in the past but have discountinued making them due to lack of sales. At this time we have no plans to make sugar free, gluten free, or vegan desserts. Our facility is NOT peanut or tree nut free. We are not certified kosher.
      8. Do you make half/half cakes?
        • Yes, we do, in sheet cakes only. Due to stability issues we cannot make a round cake half white and half chocolate unless it is one layer of white cake and one layer of chocolate cake. (That is called tuxedo). We cannot do them size by size in a round cake. 
      9. When is your cutoff for holiday orders?
        • We stop taking orders about 3-5 days before a holiday and that often means all orders. Because certain holidays are tremendously busy we must stop taking all orders so that we can accommodate customers who placed orders before the deadline. We are, however, working very hard to have lots of extra items in the case to choose from. If you forget to place an order, be comforted by the fact that we have over 40 items to choose from on a regular basis
      10. Let’s talk about Pinterest for a second. What we love and what we hate about it. 
        1. Awesome! You found a cake design you like and are interested in puchasing a reproduction of it from us. Yep, we can probably do it but the first thing I tell our customers is to manage their expectations. What does that mean exactly? 
                                  • Sugar Butter Baby: Baby's 1st Birthday Zoo

The above cake is a perfect example of what we are referring to. “I need the cake above to feed 8 people, be done in buttercream and not fondant and cost $20.” Realistically we cannot make a tier cake for 8 people, make any tier cake for under $100, or make certain things look like fondant in buttercream! Typically our smallest tier cake feeds 25+ people, there is not a way to make it smaller and still make it aesthetically pleasing. Our base price for the smallest tier cake is $100 which includes borders and basic decoration. While some cake decorations are possible to be done in buttercream versus fondant, certain designs and accents can only be achieved in fondant. Realistic expectations should be taken into consideration when adding fondant accents to buttercream iced cakes. While it sounds good in theory, the smoothness of the fondant vs the appearance of the buttercream is something to take into consideration.